Alan Auctor is two boss ladies keeping it real in Hackney E5.

Becky drinks a lot of 5 Points Pale Ale (supporting the local economy innit), has a dog, a husband, and a mild obsession with Tevas. She loves Sonic Youth and PowerPoint. At one point she was considered very cool around town, but luckily that has gone to the wayside. She’s the brains of the operation and grew up in South London.

Lily regularly listens to the top 40, despite assuring everyone of her good taste in music. If you can think of a seminal film from the 80’s or 90’s we can guarantee she hasn’t seen it. She loves coffee but often ends up drinking far too much of it and behaving like a total alien. She does the design bit, and grew up on an isolated rock in eastern Canada.  

Lily and Becky have matching shoes, taste and brains. They are both big softies and regularly give to Medicines sans Frontiers, UNICEF, Age UK, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, CARE International and MIND.

Together they want to make wonderful fun nice things for all the other boss ladies keeping it real around the world.